The Blue Tree

What is the Unarkida?

The Unarkida is the ancient and eternal archive of our world, Unara. Once thought lost, it was re-discovered in the Third Age and returned to service. The contents date back to our origins and it stands testament to the evolution and resilience of the species that inhabit, and have inhabited, our world.

G. G. Bailey

Our Curator (4/665 – Present), a descendant of the Vartis family, follows in their footsteps as a champion of Unara. In this, our peaceful Fourth Age, the Vartises focus their energies on the exploration and safeguarding of our history; collecting and compiling accounts and stories from its many and varied inhabitants.

The Third Age

In the Third Age, Unara underwent extraordinary upheaval beginning with a cataclysm that may have wiped out all life. Instead, we survived and adapted. An age of conflict followed, finding nations at odds in uncertain times. It would become what could very well be the most interesting epoch our world will ever see.

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  • Artwork and Illustrations by G.G. Bailey and Midjourney
  • Music by Spacewolf
  • Additional works by Catalin Avram