Welcome to the Unarkida

The Blue Tree

I’m named G.G. Bailey, and I am the present Curator of the Unarkida, and the Unaran archives (an aspiring author of Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fiction).

The Monolith Glyph of hte Unarkida

What brings us here?

Stories are the main thing we have to offer. That is to say, an insight into our world and its past in the form of stories. These stories will initially seem like fantasy or science-fiction, but I assure you, your world and mine are far more alike than they may seem.

My current focus is the saga known as the Trees of Unara, which took place during our Third Age. The work is progressing well, and we hope to have the first volume of this story published during 4/685 (your 2023).

In addition to that, as I continue my work, I encounter many other compelling stories. Through these, my team and I aim to satisfy the interests of our patrons.

What can you expect:

  • Blog posts: Quick reads, mainly in the form of journal extracts or similar snippets
  • Short Stories: Longer accounts, serialised for brevity, exploring specific characters or events
  • Books: Starting with published anthologies of the above items, and building up to longer works in due course

While we work things out on various platforms, we will be offering Early Access and Community on Substack, Patreon or Medium. Feel free to follow us there or here at home.

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